How Do Fake Transcripts Work?

Fake Transcripts

How Do Fake Transcripts Work?

Employers perform a check against education background of applicants. It will help them to spot fraudulent degrees purchased through the diploma mills. Such buy online degrees are given by the illegitimate, non accredited universities. The society of HR department recommends that companies can do this work by directly contacting the respective schools. They can do this by using third party organization as well.

National Student Clearinghouse

There are some online programs that offer the education background verification. For that, you need to pay a small fee. By using the clearing house, you can easily filter out the fake degrees offered by the diploma mills. Degree (bachelor and master) certificates and school certificates can be checked at the national clearing house. Additionally, to verify the certificate at a higher level, employers can also check the accreditation database of the U.S department’s “Education and the council for higher education.”

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Transcripts are a record of your academic accomplishments. It describes a detail about every class you attended, the grade you got and the marks in standardized test score. Example: Every person who is enrolled in high school has got their high school transcript. The employers out there often ask a copy of your transcript to verify your educational background. Often these documents might differ from the original using a raised seal or some other feature.

Employers would check your educational background by using a pre verification service. Generally, you would provide all the information in the pre verification form and would pay the fee too. Some pre verification services provide a secured place where you can upload your degree and other important credentials. Employers would login and see those details.

Once they checked your profile, they would check the national student clearing house or would provide it to a third party service. However, in some parts of the USA alone applying for a job with the fake transcript is called illegal.