Know More About Adhesive Postage Stamp


Collection of rare stamps can be sometimes expensive. But in order to enhance knowledge and specialization in stamp collection, stamp lovers do not have to pay heavily. If you are an ardent stamp collector, then you must be aware about adhesive postage stamp. If not, then you must read on.

In United States, the adhesive postage stamp is undoubtedly one of the best postage stamps. Major highlights of adhesive postage stamp are its beauty and design. The year 1870 marked the official release of adhesive postage stamp. It was reprinted in year 1875 followed by 1861, 1868, 1869 and 1870.

Know More About Adhesive Postage Stamp
Year 1837 marked the release of adhesive postage stamp by Rowland Hill. He was a school master in England. The year 1840, May 1 marked the official release of first adhesive postage stamp in Britain. It was one penny in value and known as Penny Black. Queen Victoria was featured on its face with no inscription of countrys name.In the United States, there were only few adhesive postage stamps that were published in single shade. Usually, the adhesive postage stamp was published in three to four shades. When the first two series were released, they were mainly perforated. Later, most of the adhesive postage stamps were perforated.

Penny Black became an instant rage among people. It was led by similar other denominations. In this manner, trend for adhesive postage stamp started off. Moreover being the first adhesive issue, adhesive postage stamp always holds special significance for stamp collectors.

How many stamps do i need? The basic idea behind the adhesive postage stamp was the prepayment of postage. It was introduced as a step to reform the postal system of British. Even today Penny Black is available in the market. If you are a stamp collector, then your collection will be incomplete without Penny Black.

Postage stamps are available in wide varieties. If you want to attain expertise in field of stamp collection, then you must perform both online as well as offline research. If you are looking for various types of stamps to complete your stamp collection along with adhesive postage stamp, then you need not bother.

A few popular postage stamps are definitive, late fee stamp, express mail, customized stamp, commemorative stamp, computer vended postage, coil stamps, certified mail stamp, military stamp, local post stamps, occupation stamps, postage due, semi-postal, self adhesive postage stamp, postal tax, waster activated stamp, etc.

Since the time of their introduction, various steps have been taken for the sale of postage stamps. Usually, postage stamps are available at vending machines, post offices and a few retail outlets. So, what are you waiting for? Do not think twice and get your adhesive postage stamp now to make your stamp collection complete!