US Travel And Tourism


Tourism industry has witnessed a bloom in the recent years. Tourism in US grew rapidly with more of international tourists visiting the country to fulfill their dreams to see The Grand canyon national park at Arizona, The Hearst Castle at California, NASA’s Kennedy space centre at Florida and many more.

Due to this rise in the Tourism industry in US there are developments which are taking place in related fields like aviation, hotels, banking etc. All cultures have a recognizable cuisine, a particular kind of cooking method with various spices to keep the flavor intact.

The US also has a unique culture of food which they usually prefer.


They don’t have one typical single cuisine. As far as beverages are concerned US people prefer coffee to tea. Highly sweetened soft drinks are also popular. Americans are greatly influenced by candies, cookies, chocolates and fast foods.

Fast foods usually prepared by US people are fast to prepare, cheap and tasty and so in a way companies like Mc Donalds and KFC starts reaching out to people in other countries and connects people of other countries with US. In this way other countries are well knitted with US and it helps in the growth of the tourism industry.