Wrong Name For The Right Online Agency


If ever there was an online agency with a name that doesn’t do it justice it’s this one. The name Autoplanhols suggests something like the Automobile Association. It conjures up names of dusty maps unfolding in dusty courtyards in Yugoslavia as you soldier your way ever onward on the auto trail across Europe.

This agency has severely outgrown its name. In one place online you get attractively priced car rentals, flights and ferry reservations, airport parking and hotel stopovers, optional travel insurance, advice and even arranging bespoke touring holidays.

Here’s the thing that really made me realize they are far more than a pivotal car rental resource. They pride themselves on listing competitively priced holiday accommodation in Europe and also in Florida, USA and New Zealand.


It started when I was searching for Czech Republic car rentals. That led me to their site and then I found, to my surprise, that they listed Prague hotels. I scrolled through and soon discovered what is probably the cheapest accommodation in Prague and accommodation that I would never have found elsewhere.

The same thing went for Barcelona hotels, my Lake Garda hotel for which I was eternally grateful as I have always wanted a relaxing holiday on the Italian lakes. Someone was asking me the other day if I knew where they could find affordable holiday accommodation in Florida, USA. I was about to say Autoplanhols then bit my lip and went to check my facts. Believe it or not, this crowd also lists affordable Florida villas.