Staying In A Villa In Corfu

Staying In A Villa In Corfu

Villa In Corfu

If you are looking for somewhere a little different to visit on your next holiday then they not consider a villa holiday in Corfu? You will be able to experience a wonderful sense of freedom as you and your party of guests are able to wake when you like, decide when and what to have for breakfast, leave when you like and return home at any time day or night without worrying about closing times, reception desks or anything else for that matter. You will be able to explore the beautiful Island of Corfu whenever you like and at your own leisure.

As the second largest Island of the Ionian Islands Corfu has much to offer. This Island is home to lots of beautiful culture, scenery and history and there is much to learn about this wonderful Island while staying here.

The weather in Corfu is absolutely stunning and during the months of April – October you will find some of the warmer weather on offer. With temperatures spanning from 18 – 33 degrees during this time you can be sure of beautiful weather, a nice colour to your skin and a truly relaxing break. Even the winters here are mild with temperatures usually being at their lowest at around 8 or 9 degrees making for a milder holiday to explore the beautiful scenery in.

Corfu is home to lots of wonderful tavernas, bars, restaurants and shops. Corfu is a wonderful place to shop for gifts and there is some amazing art work on offer here. You will also find plenty of activities available here. Whether you are looking to water ski, sail, climb, hike or just relax on your holiday you will not be short of things to do here.

Corfu is home to some truly beautiful cuisine, most of it made with fresh, local ingredients, and there is something here for everyone. Olive oil is widely used here and this is made using olives that are grown everywhere on the Island. It is not unusual to find wild olive trees growing by the sides of the street here and these make the basis of lots of wonderful dishes here also. There are lots of wonderful meat and fish dishes available here including the cod in peppery sauce which is particularly delicious.

Spending your holiday in a villa is a fantastic way to experience a new country with your family. There are many different locations available to stay at in Corfu and whether you are looking for a countryside location or one close to the beach you will find something in Corfu that will be perfect for your next family holiday. Also, the price that you pay is for the entire villa so you can take just a few people or a whole family for the same accommodation costs. You can be sure that your whole party will be accommodated for and that you will be able to holiday together spending time together and exploring the beauty that Corfu has to offer.

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