Hayleys Tours – The Spirit of Sri Lanka

Hayleys Tours – The Spirit of Sri Lanka

Backed by the strength and stability of Hayleys Group, Hayleys Tours is regarded as a leading Tour Operator in Sri Lanka. Covering a wide variety of destinations, we specialize in making your Sri Lanka vacation special, ensuring even the slightest of details are taken care of, to make certain that the traveler’s expectations are exceeded.

Nowadays, travelling has become an essential part of our lives. Sri Lanka has a rich culture and tradition, and each part of the island has its own uniqueness. We at Hayleys Tours, as a Sri Lankan travel and tours company, help you explore magical Sri Lanka, a diverse small world dotted with architectural splendor, covered with scenic natural marvel such as mist-capped mountains, magnificent rivers, green meadows and endless waterfalls.

People across the world are passionate to see and experience Sri Lankan wildlife, adventure, culture or an unforgettable honeymoon in Sri Lanka. We work with passion, making every tour unique and special – and we are devoted to organize hassle-free tours ensuring your trip become enjoyable and memorable. We provide multitude of tours to enjoy the architectural and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

Hayleys Tours boasts of a team of professionals who have perfected the art of organizing hassle-free tours to different parts of enchanting Sri Lanka. As one of the leading inbound tour operators in Sri Lanka, it’s the mission of the Hayleys Tours team to expose you to the natural glory and find out for yourself why Sri Lanka is regarded as an island full of magic.

Over the years, we have mastered travel and travel destinations while growing in the industry. This has helped us in creating Sri Lankan tour packages that deliver quality and comfort to you while going easy on the budget. We make sure that you have access to all that you need while you travel with us and this has made all the difference.
We believe strongly that the journey matters more than the destination and work towards achieving the same, every time we set out for a journey with you. We offer wonderful travel itineraries, creating our packages with love and a dash of excitement and that is what makes us the best.

The service of Hayleys Tours includes Holiday Tour Management, Hotel Reservations, MICE, Transport, Shore excursions & Wedding planning.
Hayleys Tours
Hayleys Group is a multi-business organization and the most diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka with over 130 business units and subsidiaries. Through 139 years of existence, Hayleys Group has won Sri Lanka’s Best Corporate Citizen award 5 times, with the most recent award being presented in 2016.

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